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Wedding list update: J-Lo vs the Origami Bird

Our plans to surprise J-Lo with a fabulous wedding gift are proceeding apace, thanks to the many fantastic suggestions you have suggested.
So far, it looks like she will be getting a parcel comprising:
» A £4.99 bathroom mat (blue) from lowculture.
» A paper bird from Jamie that he has folded himself.
» A t-shirt bearing the slogan "Fat-arsed and Frisky" from Mad Madge
» Cyanide from Nick
» A funhouse mirror to look at her arse in from Punkinatrix
» Arse implants from Sexual Harassment Panda (he plans to see if he can get her to fly)
» A used syringe in a bling-bling case from Shockedbythepower
If our invitation isn't in the post already, it surely will be soon.

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