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Divine Intervention

As promised, we tuned in to ITV1's The Intervention yesterday.
If you haven't seen it, it's a kind of touchy-feely Jerry Springer with celeb therapist Beechy Colclough.
Each day, Beechy invites either a pikey guest or a celebrity guest onto the show - or, if you're very lucky, a pikey celebrity guest.
Yesterday, it was a morose Glaswegian guy who was feeling guilty over the death of his mother. Several of his relatives were wheeled on to say things like: "You're shuttin' out aw the folk that loves ye" and "You need tae move oan wi yer life" while he sat in the middle saying "Ah cannae help it, Beechy". The programme even has a cliffhanger before the ad break, where the victim is offered counselling and has to decide whether to accept it (this is, presumably, the "intervention" of the title).
After the ads, Daniella Westbrook was wheeled out to talk about her nose in a filmed insert, and her husband appeared in the studio to remind us that his missus was only weeks from death but, with Beechy's help, they had turned their lives around.
It would all bring a tear to a glass eye.
Happily, Glaswegian Bloke accepted the offer of therapy, so Beechy was able to look nicely smug as the credits rolled.
And Westbrook? She and hubby report that they are both happy to be tucked up in bed by 10.30pm each night, with nary a line of coke or bottle of Vodka in sight. Awww.

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