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Michael Jackson - The Footage You Hope You'll Never See Again

It shames us to admit it, but we missed Martin Bashir's interview with Michael Jackson when it was first shown (we never expected to say this, but thank goodness for ITV2).
Not wanting to be caught out a second time, we dutifully sat down to watch Sky One's premiere of The Michael Jackson Interview: the footage you were never meant to see.
This two-hour yawn-fest didn't do much to convince us that Jacko was a normal working dad trying to do the best for his kids. All it proved was that Martin Bashir was a wee bit two-faced. And when you've had as many faces as Jacko, it seems churlish to complain about someone else's.
So, those 'revelations' in full:
» Jacko's ex-wife thinks he's great.
» Jacko thinks his ex-wife is great.
» Jacko thinks Bashir is a bad man.
» Jacko's ex-wife agrees.

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