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Bitter-ny Spears

The spotlight has dimmed somewhat on one time pop princess Britney Spears since Justin Timberlake dumped not only her, but the rest of N-Sync to set a successful solo career in motion.
So it comes as little surprise that Britney's production team has been quick to follow his lead.
After Mr T appeared to take a swipe at his ex with his single Cry Me a River, Miss Spears is following suit by recording a track called ClubSong, in which she accuses a beau of "playing me publicly, twisting the story".
But just how far will she go to update her image in the way her former partner did? Justin successfully borrowed from Michael Jackson's 80s finery to provide some stylish outfits and dance moves.
lowculture considers Britney will also have to look back a decade or so. But which female of the era best rivalled Jacko's splendid steps: Paula Abdul? Gloria Estefan?
In our opinion, Britney would be well advised to take note of the Reynolds Girls routine for I'd Rather Jack.
Let's face it - She's not likely to get much sympathy, so let's at least have a laugh out of it.
NOTE: For some reason, we couldn't find a picture of Britney on the Internet. Anywhere. So here's another pic of Justin.

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