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Blame the parents

PARENTAL! ONE Life, BBC One, 10.35pm

This is a curious one. It's a programme looking what it's like to be a pop star's parent. Yet it's not on Sky One, or ITV1/2, or Five, but in BBC One's quirky real lives strand, ONE Life. And it's not on in prime time, either, but late into the evening. We're not really sure that the whole point of this is, or where it's going, but it's a topic that hasn't really been covered so much by telly, so it may be interesting.

The parents here are those of a right rum assortment of pop stars: Courtney Love, Anthony Kiedis, Amy Winehouse (surely the show's big draw), er, Asher D from So Solid Crew, and, umm, Suggs. Presumably they will be expressing their disgust at their children's experiments with drugs, drugs, drugs, guns, and er, terrible fishfinger adverts.

Seeing as Anthony Kiedis' father is renowned for getting him into drink, drugs and women, and Amy Winehouse's parents are no strangers to the media (they have frequently publicly denounced her behaviour and famously told people not to buy her albums), this could be interesting. But we are really intrigued as to a) how they managed to get Courtney Love's family here (will Steve Coogan be brought up??) and b) why on earth Suggs' family are here.

We also get to see lots of baby photos of the stars, including Amy looking like a young Alanis Morissette. Come to think of it, Alanis hasn't released a record since, ooh, about the time Amy hit it big. Could this programme reveal that they are, in fact, one and the same? And what has Suggs done to poor old Captain Birdseye in order to bag that advertising contract? These are the things we really need to know...

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