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Blame It On The Weatherman

So, basically, lowculture has, erm, taken the day off, what with the wind and rain and what-have-you.

Perhaps you'd like to tell us what you're watching in the comments below. Best entry may win a prize.

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Neighbours. it's too bloody traumatic what with them making bad thing happen to Susan and with Mickey and Ned still hanging around.

By Blogger RAD, at 1:47 pm  

I'm not watching anything at the moment but earlier I saw a tramp having a crap outside Selfridges, perhaps in protest against society's increasingly materialistic ways. Or maybe he just couldn't afford the 20 pence for the public toilets. I really don't know.

By Anonymous FeelsLikeJillTyrell, at 2:15 pm  

I am currently watching Darren impersonate a homosexual Butlin's Holiday Rep (as opposed to those numerous heterosexual ones) in the 'oaks, all the while trying to contain my joy that lush Kieron has been promoted to the opening credits.

Let the heavens sing (or rather, pour).

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:35 pm  

I'm watching Fifth Gear for some reason, and the way the female presenter talks out one side of her mouth makes me want to throw a glass through the tv.

By Anonymous Schmindie, at 8:34 pm  

I've just watched Rock Rivals on my Freeview recorder and am aghast that a concept I came up with during Pop Idol 1 has only just been thought of by so called professionals who aren't even doing a good job of it. B*stards!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:57 am  

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