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Fancy a getting involved in a big old argument with a lady with funny pink hair, a bit like this?

If so, the producers of Channel 4's Wife Swap would love to hear from you, as they're looking for families to take part in the next series. You know the deal - two women swap homes and families for a week, all concerned have a big old argy-bargy, then everyone goes home. Marvellous!

They're after family units with two adults living in the house with teenagers and/or children, at least one of whom must be over the age of 5. If you or anyone you know would like your face on the telly, call Melissa on 0207 013 4514 or email melissa.waterson@rdfmedia.com for a no-obligation chat.

Obviously, most lowculture readers are selfish, feckless, childless gays, so there probably won't be a very high take-up. But you never know, eh?

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Thanks for that. I've given them a call. Should make for wonderful TV.

By Blogger Richard Madeley, at 1:34 am  

Childless, yes. Feckless, possibly. But selfish... no. How very dare you! xx

By Anonymous TJ, at 9:40 am  

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