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On the Road to Nowhere?

JOURNEY! Russell Brand on the Road, BBC4, 9pm

Now we all know how we feel about the TV cliche about people being 'on a journey'. So we can imagine how you might feel about hearing this is another show about going on a journey. However, this involves a literal journey. With roads, and cars and whatnot. So that's all right then.

Our second BBC4 programme of the week (we're going to be renamed highculture if we're not careful), Russell Brand on the Road, is part of BBC4's 1957 week. And well, it's as good a theme week as any, we guess, although we'd much prefer a 1987 theme week (T'Pau! Neighbours! Mel and Kim! Get Fresh!).

Anyway, this little show sees Brand and a Radio 2 colleague attempting to recreate Jack Kerouac's journey from the book On the Road. We'd love to say this book changed our lives, as we are meant to, but we read it in 2003 on a day trip to Scarborough, and whilst we enjoyed it at the time, we have stronger memories of the oldskool tea room we visited than the book itself.

Nevertheless, it should be a fun watch, and as Steve reminded us yesterday, as it's BBC4, we will learn something. Perhaps we might even learn how Brand managed to fit in doing this alongside his autobiography, radio show, stand up tour, Guardian columns and being the fourth most ubiquitous person on TV in 2007 (just a little ahead of Noel Fielding and a little behind Myleene Klass, John Barrowman and Adrian Chiles).

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