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They're Bringing Sex(y)Back

FILTH! How to Get More Sex, ITV1, 10pm

Now, we're not suggesting anyone at LC would need the advice of this show at all, but you might have a 'friend' who does, eh? Nudge, nudge, wink, wink... OK, so that was a little lowbrow, even for us. But this IS an ITV1 show we are talking about, remember?

Anyway, this latest offering promises to delve into the mysteries of what makes people sexually attractive, and answering all the important (ie cliched) questions, such as 'does size matter'? But this show is not about cheap titillation! Oh no! It has proper sciencey bits and everything. It even has a few renta-experts to prove it: Professor Richard Wiseman, a renowned, er, professor and, umm magician. You know him from such shows as BodyShock and Horizon (although we're fairly sure he's been on some less intellectual stuff than that. After all, we recognise him, so he must have been), Dr Jack Lewis (who looks exactly like the one of Dick and Dom with the brown spiky hair, so we don't believe he is an actual doctor) and 'relationships expert' Tracey Cox (who is dragged out on any programme with a vague lifestyle/health/sex/people fighting emphasis).

Tonight's episode features a serious. scientific. experiment. involving some celebrities sniffing T-shirts with the pheremones of men, women and pigs on to see which they find most attractive (errr). And guess who one of the celebs is? Only Myleene Klass! We expect John Barrowman to also turn up later in the series seeing as the two of them obviously have some bet going as to whether they can each appear on every TV show broadcast in the year 2007 (and a few adverts too for good measure).

Let's just hope we don't also see Owen from Torchwood or Sam from Hollyoaks turning up. We know what their way of getting more sex is...

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