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Night and Day ... say goodbye then slowly fade away

So sang Kylie Minogue in the theme tune to ITV's maddest soap ever (and yes, that does include Crossroads).
And Night and Day lived up to the promise of its music – it actually 'said goodbye' over a year ago when it was unceremoniously dumped from its teatime slot and banished to the middle of the night, where it 'slowly faded away' (do you see?).
Anyway, the last episode has now been shown, which saw the action fast-forward four years into the future, and there was much to love about it, especially:
» Ryan becoming a transvestite called Beverley
» Jane being a ghost.
» Josh and Della singing the theme tune.
» Tom, the Swedish porn star.
» Will coming back as a robot.
» The last shot – a repeat of the "Shhh!" bit from episode one.
Things we didn't like:
» It didn't actually make any sense. At all. Not even a little bit.
Despite this, we loved it. It's a sad day, etc, etc.

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