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Come in number three, your time is up . . .

Only a few hours before we find out which housemates will be up for nomination this week, and we're trying to figure out who's earned themselves a place on the list.
In lowculture's opinion, the main players this time round are Jon, Federico, Ray and Nush. Here's for why:
» One of two things will happen to Jon this week. He will either a) be nominated for eviction, or b) nominated for eviction and lamped with a handbell.
We're still not sure what his claim to be crap in bed aims to achieve. The sympathy vote? Not even Jordan would go there, we're sure.
» Federico has finally begun to redeem himself. After two task failures, verbal abuse of Big Brother, and a series of bizarre topics of conversation seemingly designed to get a rise out of the girls, he's certainly provided enough reason to generate some votes.
However, his performance in the secret games room at the weekend may have tipped the balance in his favour again (with us, anyway).
Taking part in the lie detector game, the Glaswegian raised a few eyebrows when his denial of ever fancying another male was contradicted by the test.
Now, we know he's fairly fond of his own reflection, but taking last night's man-on-man wrestling events into consideration, we're beginning to wonder if some of the boys are on the turn.
» Ray might have taken his Irish laddishness a bit too far this week. While we were impressed with his good ol' swear following the failure of the second house task, we're not sure his request for some "deep throat action" from Tania has done him any favours (sexual or otherwise) with the London lass.
On top of that, he managed to kick Sissy in the face during another man-on-man wrestling session in the bedroom.
He's still our favourite, though (okay, mine).
» Even Nush has been getting on the tits of her fellow housemates. She managed to bring Sissy to tears by suggesting she didn't use a teabag (or something).
To be honest, Sissy could be moved to tears by the toilet flushing, so we don't know just how much of a grudge she'll bear. And could she forgive herself for contributing to the loss of another female?
» That's our view for the moment. Let us know who you've had enough of by clicking on the comment box below.

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