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Back in the Good Old Days™, charity records followed a tried-and-tested format of taking whichever pop act was flavour of the month, then teaming them up with some kind of comedy turn (preferably a desperately unfunny one) who would chatter 'amusing' lines in the quiet bits. Think Bananarama's 'Help'.
Thankfully, more recent efforts, like Westlife's Uptown Girl and those dreary S Club 7 ballads, have just been ordinary pop songs which don't actually set out to be as irritating as possible (even if the result is the same).
So shame on you, Gareth Gates, for recording Spirit In The Sky with the cast of The Kumars at No.42, and thereby creating one of the most offensive pop records in years.
We say, let TATU lezz it up on CD:UK or whatever - it's this record that should be banned.
Footnote: Charity is smashing, please give generously, just don't buy the single.

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