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Duff stories on Casualty

It might have been eclipsed in the fantastic-but-rubbish stakes by its younger sibling, Holby City, but we've still got a soft spot for Casualty.
But we're definitely not impressed that Cathy Shipton, the much-put-upon Duffy, has been told to sling her hook, and is currently being written out in the most cringeworthy storyline ever created.
Are we seriously expected to believe that everyone's favourite moaning-faced sister would jack in her profession on a whim to set up an online nappy delivery company with a dodgy security guard she's just met?
And while I'm on the subject of crappy departures, have the writers forgotten that they used the 'member of staff gets caught up with gangsters and ends up having to do a moonlight flit to avoid getting arrested' as recently as last year?
I know both storylines still have a bit to run (we predict Duffy's hubby-to-be will turn out to be a conman who hasn't bought any nappies at all), but this is just rubbish!

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