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How low can Jo go?

Jo S Club has been missing in action for months now, nursing a back problem.
Her increasingly rare TV appearances have seen her hiding behind big cushion, or perched behind some massive decks, fuelling speculation that she was about to produce her very own S Club Junior.
Who would have thought the truth about her activities was so much more interesting.
According to The Sun, instead of putting her feet up and taking it easy, Jo has actually been down the Gala bingo hall in Barkingside, Essex, filling some evil slot machine with grotesque amounts of tin.
The paper says she's been in three times this week, and has gambled away more than £4,500.
In her defence, Jo claims: “My back’s not too good so gambling is all I can do." So that's OK.
Anyway, £4,500 is probably roughly the same amount Bradley spends each week on stupid hats, so let's give the poor girl a break.

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