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Lofty ambitions

Lionel Blair has decided that, at the age of 71, he wants to be a serious actor.
It seems a guest role in Crossroads has given Lionel a hankering to be a proper thespian.
"I'm desperate to be a TV actor as I've never really done it before," he told TV Plus magazine.
"I am really counting on Crossroads to get me more serious roles in dramas such as Midsomer Murders or Murder In Mind."
Yeah, Lionel. That's exactly what will happen.
But that's not all.
"I want to play villains, people do not expect that of me. I would love to play a Bond villain and I want to be the next Doctor Who - I'd play the same way that my favourite Jon Pertwee did."
Now, who wants to break it to poor Lionel that they've not made a new series of Doctor Who since 1989.

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