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All mixed up, it's so confusing

We touched briefly on the subject of the gorgeous, pouting Alessi Twins from Neighbours, alias Gayle and Gillian Blakeney, about a week ago and, frankly, we've been able to think about little else since.
Where are they now? Are they bitter that their pop career was a miserable flop-o-rama? And does one of them still have a wonky mouth?
Sadly, we could find no trace of them after 1994, which was so long ago that lowculture was still a teenager.
Back then, they managed to bag themselves a guest spot in a dreadful US cop show called Silk Stalkings, which enjoyed a brief run on Sky One in the mid-90s (we watched it religiously during the Chris and Rita era, and were heartbroken when Chris was murdered so Rob Estes could go off to be in Melrose Place).
Anyway, they played a pair of ballerina-dancer twins (surprise!) who were involved in a dastardly murder plot. We've even dug up a picture of them in their leotards.
But since that, nothing. Can anyone shed any light on their activities?

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