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We will never, no no never, lo-ove again

Flicking through the local paper yesterday, we came across the top 10 from ten years ago this week.
We were horrified to realise that a whole decade has passed since the lovely Sybil was at No.2 with the mighty The Love I Lost.
To celebrate, we're proud to present the original single cover, just for you. Seeing it again reminded us of how sorry we used to feel that whoever did the sleeves at PWL went to increasingly elaborate lengths to avoid showing too much of Syb's face.
And was there some sort of rule that female solo artists with first names beginning with 'S' produced by Pete Waterman were not allowed to use their surnames? Mind you, Sybil Lynch, Sonia Evans and Sinitta Malone don't have quite the same ring to them, do they?
If anyone knows where Sybil is now, please get in touch. If lowculture ever comes into money, we plan to buy her for our collection.

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