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Geri good show

Are you missing your weekly dose of La Halliwell now that Popstars: The Rivals is just a dim and distant memory?
Well, don't fret, because Geri's got another show in the pipeline.
Unlikely as it may seem, she's been making kissy-faces with old pal Simon Fuller, and is about to become one of the coaches on 19's latest US reality TV project.
In All American Girl, 15 poor cows will be split into groups led by either our Geri or one of two other people we've never heard of. They will then be sent to a kind of beauty-queen boot camp where their athletic ability, mental agility, performance in the popular arts and beauty will be assessed.
The coaches will be responsible for reducing their groups to four and then three finalists before the obligatory telephone vote and lucrative contract for the winner.
We await the episode in which La H instructs the hopefuls in the art of raking around George Michael's bins for cake with considerable interest.

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