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Eurovision controversy

We're so lucky in the UK. As far as selecting a song to enter into the Eurovision Song Contest goes, the worst thing we've got to worry about is that each of our contenders is worse than the last.
In Spain, though, a huge can of Euro worms has been opened.
The big prize in the Spanish version of Fame Academy is the chance to represent the nation at Eurovision, but the leader of the banned political wing of Eta has called the whole thing a fix.
He says the result has been fixed by the ruling Popular Party so a Basque would represent Spain.
Marc Puig, a director of RTVE, the state television channel which broadcasts Operation Triumph, said the accusation was "bizarre", and we're inclined to agree.
We think they should ditch this controversial method of selecting their entry, and just stick with that nice young blind man they always used to send along. The last time he represented his nation, he did nothing more dubious than serenade our very own Nicki French with a sweet love song.

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