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High road culture

It's a sad weekend here in Scotland, as our beloved home-grown soap opera, High Road, has been axed.
Like shortbread, tartan, ginger hair and those little Highland soldiers with the furry hats that can only be purchased at gift shops near Edinburgh Castle, High Road is a Scottish institution.
Recently, we have been treated to storylines as thrilling as Mrs Mack's attempt to triumph over Effie MacDonald in the village soup-making competition, Chic Cherry's vintage car scam, and Joanna Ross-Gifford's rebirth as a middle-aged superslut.
To add insult to injury, the series - which we currently enjoy in a prime-time Sunday slot just before Corrie - will end on a cliffhanger, as the current run was recorded two-and-a-half years ago, and there are no plans to film a conclusion.
The last episode will be shown on April 13, and we'll be sure to report back with news of whose soup was best.

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