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Shrink Rapped

The second series of Shrink Rap has arrived with very little fanfare. Perhaps that's because of the controversy caused by the one-off special with Chris Langham a few months ago.

For those who haven't come across this series before, clinical psychologist Pamela Connolly (aka Pamela Stephenson, wife of Billy Connolly and formerly of Not the Nine O'Clock News and other such comedy programmes) spends time talking to a clebrity and unpicking some of the life experiences that made them who they are. It may sound a bit X Factor but it has a more serious bent - reflected by the guests that choose to appear.

This second series perhaps doesn't quite have the calibre of guests as the first (which featured Stephen Fry, Sarah Ferguson, Robin Williams, David Blunkett amongst others), but they include some very intriguing prospects such as Kathleen Turner and Salman Rushdie (plus Gene Simmons and Tony Curtis, perhaps less exciting). Tonight's guest is probably the one for lowculture viewers to catch though, as Pamela Connolly meets Joan Rivers.

We love Joan's wit, but it will be very interesting to see how the more 'serious' side of her comes across. As all the guests, she has a fair amount of TRUE LIFE TRAUMA to discuss, but we imagine it will probably be more enlightening and moving than one of those 'boo-hoo books' you see everywhere (which were so effectively owned in last night's Gavin and Stacey.

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