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Shedding Skins

OVER! Skins, E4, 10.00pm

So now we know that tonight's Skins series two finale is not just goodbye to the gang for another year, or even just goodbye to Chris. No, this is goodbye to everyone except Effy and maybe some of her random friends that pop up every now and then, as the people behind the show have decided that they are changing the cast every two years because it's a show that 'represents being 16-18'. Which would be fair enough if it bore any resemblance whatsoever to being 16-18, but anyway. Maybe we're just pissy because our lives were never this exciting or glamorous when we were young.

Whether this decision turns out to be a masterstroke that ensures the show's longevity, or its death knell remains to be seen, but for now there are lots of questions we hope they'll answer before sending the current crop of characters off into the big wide world. Questions such as: 'why was Cassie in New York last week?', 'what will Jal do with the baby?', 'will Tony and Michelle be a couple again?', 'will Maxxie get his top off again?' and 'will Anwar actually get any lines?'

This series overall has been darker, smarter, funnier and deeper than its predecessor, although at times it has been too self-aware and some of the storylines and characters have occasionally teetered into the territory of just being a little bit annoying. As with series one, they have also sometimes skimmed over certain so-called main characters, which is a shame. These are minor qualms, but we hope the writers address these tendencies before the new series, or else it could run the risk of just becoming self-parody.

Anyway, we're sure tonight's episode will be something of a tear-jerker as the gang attend Chris' funeral, receive their A-Level results and make plans for the future. Whatever happens to Skins from here on in, it has launched some excellent young actors, created a very strong brand identity and re-established the teen drama as something acceptable to like for even the most highbrow of viewers (not that we ever had a problem with teen drama, mind).

Goodbye, then Chris, Cassie, Jal, Tony, Maxxie, Michelle, Anwar and Sid (and Posh Kenneth, Abigail and Sketch). We'll miss you...

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