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Search for the Heroes

SUPER! Heroes, BBC2, 9.00pm

HeroesThe wait is over, and season two of Heroes is finally here! Of course, it would perhaps have been slightly more eagerly anticipated if it weren't for the general chatter, spread primarily through the internet before progressing to the mainstream news media, that season two, curtailed by the writers' strike, was Not Very Good. (Warning: for those of you who are determined to not find anything out about the show before you watch it, there are some very tiny spoilers in the next two paragraphs.)

We are, perhaps, in the fortunate position of being total fanboys and therefore inclined to look at the show more favourably. However, we genuinely didn't think season two was that bad. A bit disappointing, yes, but not actively bad. For all that the Hiro in ancient Japan storyline is interminably boring, for all that some new characters are worse than useless (be prepared for Maya and Alejandroooooooooooooo), for all that Claire kind of turns into a massive unsympathetic bitch, for all that Adrian Pasdar's lovely face is temporarily obscured by a beard far more terrifying than Sylar ever was, there are still things to look forward to in season two.

Like what, you might ask? Well, new character Monica kicks all kinds of ass (although she doesn't turn up until episode four, but she's worth the wait). Kristen Bell of Veronica Mars fame is also awesome as unsavoury new character Elle, Angela Petrelli is still the fiercest character on television anywhere, and Peter Petrelli has lost the emo fringe and spends a considerable amount of the first three or so episodes with his shirt off. So don't be disheartened; while it gets off to a slow start, it does eventually build into some compelling storylines, and there are lots of pretty boys (or girls, if you're that way inclined) to look at in the meantime. Hooray!

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