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Off the Pull

FINALE! Pulling, BBC Three, 9.00pm

Sunday nights are about to get rubbish again. Gavin and Stacey ended last week, and, jumping into its 9.00pm slot for no good reason whatsoever other than to confuse viewers and possibly direct them towards the iPlayer or BBC Three's video wall when they tune in at 9.30 to find a repeat of Little Britain instead, is the final episode in series two of Pulling.

What with Cockloleeze, drunken food sex, *that* cat scene (which we can't imagine will make it into the BBC Two edit), cup-of-tea-no, drunken school sex and the wondrous Oleg, this series has been just as awesome as its predecessor.

Tonight opens upon someone taking a pregnancy test, and it's all fairly chaotic from there. Karen and Billy's ongoing trauma of a relationship comes back to the forefront, Donna is still trying to get over Karl's upcoming move to Italy and hooks up with a very scary bloke instead, and Louise goes on a date. Louise. On a date.

Wet kissing, STDs, internet stalking, 'he can have my honey', 'where's my juicy fruit', pints of wine, schoolchildren's paintings and pumpkin risotto all feature tonight. How, why and with who, we won't say.

We love the girls (and guys) of this show and we're going to miss them when they're gone. However, if there is a series three (and there MUST be a series three!), it better come around a bit quicker than this one did.

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