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I'm a celebrity... get me on telly

CELEBRITY QUIZZING! The Weakest Link, BBC One, 5.15pm

Obviously troubled by the dominance of Neighbours in the ratings, the Beeb are beginning to pull out all the stops with this week’s celebrity editions of The Weakest Link, the like of which we usually only get on Saturdays. Tonight’s special is a reality television stars’ edition, and it’s a good one. Amongst the contestants, we have Rory Laing, formerly of The Apprentice (‘I am your boss’) fame. We hope he mentions his zeppelin.

But Rory is not the only highlight tonight. Terri Dwyer, of, erm, ‘60MM’ appears, which will no doubt delight several forum users. What’s more, if the rumours of her and Suzanne Shaw hosting an episode of The Daily Politics for the BBC’s Children in Need Try Something New week prove to be true, her blog hit count is going to go through the roof (well, it may get a couple more LC-based readers, anyway). (Oh, and talking of Try Something New week, Arlene and Bruno taking on What Not To Wear is an inspired move. Len Goodman hosting A Question of Sport less so).

Also appearing is Lisa Scott Lee (but no Johnny, Andy or Michelle, so a Totally Scott-Lee reunion is yet to be. We mourn), who our spies tell us auditioned for I’d Do Anything under a pseudonym and didn’t get past the meet the producers stage. How we LOLled.

Making up the dregs on this’special are Ben Lunt off Shipwrecked (when they could have asked our Rory), Danielle Lloyd, Brian Belo from Big Brother (yawwwwn) and Helena, aka punchable Maria.

But the two star contestants must surely be Myleene Klass (taking time out from her busy schedule appearing in M&S ads and filming Andrew Davies’ adaptation of Judy Blume’s Forever) and John Barrowman (about to start work on Vegas, a sequel to Blackpool. We don’t yet know if his Doctor Who colleagues Sarah Parish and David Tennant will be reprising their roles. What we do know is that Andrew Lloyd Webber’s attempt to be an alien sex monster in Torchwood didn’t get further than asking Barrowman to put a word in with RTD as a kind of return favour for Barrowman being in all his talent shows. Barrowman apparently just laughed…)

Anyway, our money’s on Myleene to win because she’s such a goody-goody, but maybe Rory Laing will spring a surprise victory.

CELEBRITY TOURISM! The Guide To…, More4, 9.30pm

More4 are branching out into populist territory with this new mini-series. Over the next three nights, three celeb docs have been commissioned – much along the lines of The Beginner’s Guide To… religious series, except tackling social and political issues instead.

Anyway, the series kicks off tonight with Sharon Osbourne’s Guide to… Feminist Activism, in which our intrepid host grapples with all the big issues about womanhood in the 21st century. This is followed tomorrow by Nicky Slater's Guide to… Media Law and on Thursday by Jane Horrocks’ Guide to… the Monopolies and Mergers Commission.

We’re guessing this series is an occasional commission (in which case, can we request Nicholas de Lacy Brown’s Guide to... Culture, pls?).

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I presume they rang but my phone deflected the call. it is very choosy about who i talk to these days (I have to scream and cowered in corners just to communicate through the f***king device) and i supposed the bbc just didn't cut it.

By Blogger rory, at 12:16 am  

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