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How to get ahead in advertising

SMOKING! Mad Men, BBC Four, 10pm

A few weeks ago, lowculture heralded the arrival of Mad Men on BBC Four. The fantastic news is that there's still time to get on board with this show as it moves pretty slowly and is really only just starting to warm up scandal-wise. Please don't let that slow-moving thing put you off though, it's meticulous in a completely great way.

So what’s been happening? Increasingly, we have been tantalisingly drip-fed hints about Don’s secret past. Most shockingly, he’s not even called Don! And tonight we begin to find out why he was so keen to sever all ties with his real identity, that he gave his brother loads of cash to bugger off for good.

While Don is the main Mad Man, curiously, the most watchable character is pathetic Pete Campbell. This can largely be attributed to the fact that he possesses the arrogance, incompetence and shiny T-zone normally associated with the kind of individual who pops up on The Apprentice. Observing poor Pete struggle through life is a joy to behold and we wonder whether there will be any evidence of lingering tension between he and Peggy resulting from their first-episode shag.

Of the ladies, there is of course the fantastic Joan (pictured); she of pointy boob and pro-sexual harassment bitchy put-down. Tonight the pointy boobs are the subject of some dodgy one-way-mirror workplace perving. Meanwhile, Peggy shocks everyone by actually demonstrating that she possesses a modicum of intelligence.

Even if you can’t be bothered following the storylines, why not just appreciate how fantastically cool everyone looks? Check those sharp suits, hats, tidy hair, pipes, cool specs, skin tight pencil skirts and full skirted shirtdresses. It also makes you wonder what sort of insane world have we created where chain-smoking at your desk, getting pissed before meetings and disappearing out of the office whenever you fancy a bit of affair-sex is grounds for dismissal, rather than a signifier of career-progression.

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