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Fade to Gray

DANGER! Torchwood, BBC Two, 9.00pm

We are sad to see that this is the last episode in what has largely been a rip-roaring, emotional, tense, funny, Cardiff-centric series of Torchwood (although we couldn't be happier with the timing that means this ends and Doctor Who begins). As much as anything, this series has been a lot of fun.

From seeing Ianto being given a lot more lines and growing to be funny and generally just amazing, to the wonderful plethora of guest stars (including James Marsters, Ruth Jones, Richard Briers, Nerys Hughes and JIM ROBINSON), to the presence of our lovely Martha Jones, to Rhys and PC Andy being generally fabulous, to kick-ass lesbian Victorian Torchwood, to Owen finally becoming likeable, it's been a pretty darn good few weeks in Cardiff.

But tonight's finale scares us a little. We're sure it will be exciting, dramatic and probably also quite funny. But all the previews we have read say it's going to be 'shocking' and 'sad'. If you remember back to the opening episode, Captain Jack's former partner and fellow time agent, Captain John arrived in Cardiff with a grudge against Jack and left having gained a poodle fetish and vowing revenge. He also told us he'd 'found Gray'. Later episodes revealed that Gray is John's brother who went missing when they were children.

We were left at the end of the last episode with John's Star Wars style hologram telling Jack he was coming back to wreck his life. And we saw that he had Gray.

So what will happen tonight? Will Gray and Jack be reunited, or will Gray be lost forever? Will our plucky team survive? Will beautiful Cardiff remain intact? Will Owen die again? Will Tosh get to leave for a better job and a happier life as her five-year contract comes to an end? (We dearly hope so, but we are scared because Russell T Davies and co were saying on Torchwood Declassified the other week that they never let Tosh have happy endings. Let's hope she will finally get one? Please? Pretty please?)

We have no idea, but we're looking forward to (and also dreading a little bit) finding out...

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Have a big box of Kleenex at the ready for this episode (and not for the usual reason).

By Blogger Paul, at 9:59 am  

If Titticaca leaves, I will literally kill everyone involved.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:41 pm  

The curse of lowculture strikes again!

By Anonymous Dave, at 10:03 pm  

I'm in bits. Thank goodness Who is back tomorrow to take my mind off it.

By Blogger Rad, at 10:21 pm  

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