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Crime of fashion

CLOTHING! Blood, Sweat and T-Shirts, BBC Three, 9.00pm

Blood, Sweat and T-ShirtsWe've had a lot of fun with BBC Three's factual entertainment efforts in our time, from the occasion where some of the competitors from Fat Men Can't Hunt invaded the messageboard, to that slightly queasy feeling we got from Kill It Cook It Eat It, right up to the time when the lovely Dawn Porter did a no holds barred report on childbirth and every woman we knew vowed she was having a Caesarian when her time came.

So, with excellent pedigree like that, we feel fairly confident in recommending Blood, Sweat and T-Shirts, which proceeds to take the generally acknowledged yet oft ignored fact that a great many of the clothes for sale on the high street are made in developing countries in appalling condition for a pittance, and forces a bunch of self-confessed fashion addicts to face up to some home truths as they see how the other half lives by going to the sweatshops. It's not a million miles from Wife Swap, but more ideology-based. And with fewer wives, obviously.

The sneak preview clips (available here) give us a good idea of the kick up the philosophical bottom that's in store, but sadly does not give any guarantees that the people taking part will be spoilt obnoxious hipsters who will cry a lot. We can but hope, though. It's not nearly as much fun otherwise.

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