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Double Trouble

COUPLES! All Star Mr and Mrs, ITV1, 7.05pm

We know most of you are busy watching I'd Do Anything at this time on a Saturday, but in the interests of fair play, we thought we'd mention the offering on 'the other side'.

ITV's latest addition to the Saturday evening schedule is a revamped version of 70s and 80s favourite, Mr and Mrs. Now you may wonder why this merits a full series, rather than just being another part of retro-games-fest Gameshow Marathon and so are we, but let's not get too far down the line of ITV scheduling as wearestill smarting over the Pushing Daisies debacle.

Anyway, the premise of this show is to test how well couples know each other (we vaguely remember liking this in the 80s but our main recollection is the bit where one partner puts on the headphones whilst the other answers questions. We're sure there is more to it than that, though.

Being the 21st Century and all, couples no longer have to be married to go on this show, which makes the title something of a misnomer. They may even let some of those pesky gays on to show how ultra-contemporary they are (but then again it's ITV so they probably won't). Tonight's "star" couples include Joe Calzaghe and, er, Mrs Joe Calzaghe; Bill Roahce and Mrs Bill Roache, and Lembit Opik and Gabriella Imira.

We are fully aware of the pitfalls of recommending this programme. We know it might be terrible. But Fern and Phil are presenting, and we love them, so it can't all be bad. Can it?

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