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Nobody sees the show, not 'til her heart says so

MUSICAL! The Passions of...Girls Aloud, ITV2, 10.00pm

The Passions of Girls AloudWe rather deliberately let the first couple of episodes of this series pass without a mention on the front page. Not because we weren't interested in Cheryl learning the art of street dance, or Sarah getting the hang of playing polo, but just because we wanted to wait until we could talk about the episode we really wanted to see. Now it's finally arrived, so we're lifting our embargo, and we're getting very excited at the prospect of watching Kimberley audition for Les Miserables.

The reason that we're so excited about this one is not because we're a bunch of jazz-hands loving theatre gays (honest), but more because Kimberley's our stealth favourite member of Girls Aloud, by virtue of being the one you could imagine yourself being mates with and hanging around down the pub without too much of a stretch. She (and also Nicola, to a similar extent, and in the interests of fairness we're also very excited about next week's show in which Nicola launches a range of cosmetics for fair-skinned people) is the one who's maintained a pleasant sense of normality despite being in a very good and successful girlband, and for that reason we're utterly entranced by her.

So we've got every available digit crossed in the hope that Kimba's journey, involving her working with the best trainers that musical theatre has to offer, not just in London but also in New York, is a successful one. Although hopefully not so successful that she drops out of the band to spend the next three years playing Eponine, obviously. Then we'd be the miserable ones.

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