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A Klass of their own

FEROSH! A-Listers Unzipped, UKTV Style, 11.00pm

A Listers UnzippedIt's always heartening to see those celebrities who fly under the radar finally get some of the exposure they've been working towards through careful and deliberate choice of projects. It's so easy to just get your face everywhere by lending your name to any old tat. So we're pleased that Myleene Klass was able to take time out from hawking M&S clobber/presenting Classic FM/making compilation CDs of music for mothers/appearing on the Sky HD test card/hosting the Classical BRITs to lend her presenting skills to this new celebrity fashion show. Let's hope she can put in a good word for her similarly underused celeb chum John Barrowman to keep him on our screens.

Affectionate joking aside, this show sounds like it might have been made with us in mind: it's the sort of thing that would be right up the street of anyone who loves trashing the fashion don'ts of celebrities while thumbing through the tabloids, or who is addicted to Beat the Stylist on This Morning, or who impatiently refreshes Go Fug Yourself to see whether Lindsay Lohan still insists on wearing leggings with everything. (Precisely how much of this applies directly to us is something we won't be drawn on at this stage.)

In this scenario, Myleene is joined by a panel of fashion experts (which actually includes the Fug Girls, which automatically makes this must see TV for us, because we love those bitches) who will be examining the good, the bad and the ugly examples of celebrity styling, and will be using a giant video wall and CGI to attempt to correct the fashion faux pas. Our only fear in this is whether modern airbrushing is up to the collective challenge of the likes of Bai Ling and Chloe Sevigny. Either way, this is the show no catty bitch can afford to miss, so...that's all of us, then.

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