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I am the resurrection

Easter is a day where we remember Jesus rising from the dead / celebrate the new life of Spring /eat lots of chocolate and feel a bit sick. - whichever (Christian/Pagan/err, other) narrative you choose to ascribe to this festival it's all about the new life, baby.

And it's a very special day for us here at LC towers. Not only are we back on the sauce after a Lenten abstinence, not only do we have TWO Easter eggs to tuck into (a Mini Eggs one and a swanky chocolate orange and almond thing) but we are also very excited because telly is brilliant on Sundays these days, and tonight is double-extra-super-specially brilliant and full of NEW! programming, as you will see...
SINITTA! Celebrity Wife Swap, Channel 4, 8.00pm

Tonight is the latest in the occasional series of Celebrity Wife Swap where two slightly 'eccentric' (read: barking) celebrities get to play partners. The usual narrative seems to be: place opposites together, watch the sparks fly, and let their long-suffering other halves have a really nice and relaxing week. However, our all-time favourite of these was Pete Burns and Neil Ruddock, where they refused to play ball and actually got on like a house on fire and it was all really ruddy marvellous.

Whatever your views on the format, though, you will want to join in tonight. Not so much for Bruce Jones, aka Les Battersby, but for his celebrity 'wife': SINITTA. That's S-I-N-I-T-T-A. Add the fact that he has been accused of racism to the mix, and we hope Sinitta will be dealing out some serious pwn-age. We dearly hope, though, that all the fighting and whatnot will be put aside long enough for us to get a guided tour of her walk-in fan room. She must have one, surely?

SIN! Pulling, BBC Three, 9.30pm

We know that debauchery is not exactly a Christian theme, what with it being a holy day and all (which: The Passion concludes on BBC One at 7.30pm. Although it's made a rather exciting story pretty darn dull, to be honest, with only Penelope Wilton's performance as Mary being anything to write home about) but this is like a little LC miracle.

We had been resigned to the idea that Pulling was dead, over, buried, gone, so long ago did series one seem. But, like Mary Magdalene at the empty tomb, we despair no more, for it is risen! And, following on from Gavin and Stacey at 9, it makes the best hour of telly you'll see until, oooh, 9pm on Wednesday night.

We don't want to reveal everything about what our heroines get up to in this episode, but rest assured, any sitcom that can shoehorn in side ponytails, drunken kitchen sex, watching An Inconvenient Truth whilst drunk, Soda Streams, curly straws, drunken Lithuanian sex, bizarre Fifth Element style outfits, drunken primary school sex (NOT with children, you'll be pleased to hear) and Juliet Cowan being filthy is fine by us. The only thing we are a little scared about is the presence of Paul Kaye as a recurring guest character. We still haven't forgiven him for playing that dodgy atheist former vicar bloke in EastEnders. Let's hope he makes amends for that, especially with it being the Day of Our Lord and all.

Happy Easter, everyone!

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