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Baseball, dancing - same game

JAZZ HANDS! High School Musical 2, BBC1, 4.05pm

High School Musical 2We wrote extensively about this when it premiered on the Disney Channel last year, but we can't let the arrival of High School Musical 2 on terrestrial TV pass without some kind of fanfare, so here's a quick rundown of all the very compelling reasons why you should watch it.

- The continuation and development of the complex symbolism established in the first film where the wearing of a hat is a clear indicator of homosexuality. Watch how Ryan's dad keeps trying to STRAIGHTEN OUT his son's hat, only for Ryan to reset it at the familiar jaunty angle the minute his father's back is turned.
- Speaking of which, we get to meet Sharpay and Ryan's parents this time around, and Ryan's "hi, mom!" in the middle of a yoga class is probably the best-delivered line in the entire film.
- Zac Efron's angry solo on the golf course, where he jumps around a lot and does his best to look as deep and conflicted as you can look while doing jazz hands.
- Almost everyone is quite hilariously orange this time around.
- Sharpay wears a dress that has A TAIL.
- The use of baseball terminology as a metaphor for sex gets its most blatant demonstration yet during the Ryan/Chad duet 'I Don't Dance', which is about dancing and baseball if you're under eight, and about hot gay sex to everyone else:

Unfortunately Gabriella is still a tedious drip, and we still spend the entire film hoping for Sharpay's nefarious plan to come to fruition because she's far more fun to watch, but Gabriella's easy enough to ignore if you put your mind to it. Besides, did we mention the bumming song? Best ever.

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You said dead for dad, total Freudian/X Factor slip!

My Dad looked hideously embarassed of me when the trailer for this played and I sang along. If I had, had a homosexual hat he would have taken it off me.

By Blogger N/OutofFashion, at 11:44 am  

Oops! So I did. Thanks for pointing out the error, I'll change that now. Clearly, The X Factor has infected my brain permanently...

By Blogger Steve, at 8:55 pm  

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