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Our Elsie is back, due to (absolutely no) public demand. Here's what she couldn't give less of a toss about if she tried (which, of course, she wouldn't):
» Robbie Williams being No.1 with Radio. He might be as popular as ever, and be looking particularly fit at the moment, but I simply don't give a fig.
» Britney. Married, not married... I'm not bothered either way.
» Ronan Keating's forthcoming Greatest Hits. Unless it's a farewell album, of course.
» The battle to succeed Tricia on ITV. If the best candidates ITV can dredge up include Vanessa Feltz, there must be something seriously wrong with the world.
» Abi Titmuss. I don't care about her, to infinity. Nurse Tit, indeed!

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